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How to apply

Prospective applicants are advised, in the first instance, to provide a brief outline of the project for which funding is sought by completing a short enquiry form. Please note only projects taking place in the North West of England will be considered.

If an application falls outside the Foundation’s scope, a reply to that effect will be sent. If the application is to proceed an application pack will be sent in time for consideration at the next available meeting. Applicants will be advised of the outcome very shortly after the Advisory Council has met, usually within five working days.

Our funding criteria

The Advisory Council interprets the guidelines in a flexible way, realising that it cannot hope to achieve a true balance across all areas of activity or geographic area. It does, however, examine the context of each application and tries to make grants in areas where the benefit will be most widely felt.

It is our preference to fund organisations with charitable status but we occasionally consider applications from not-for-profit organisations.

We accept applications within the North West, UK. Areas including, Cheshire Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria.

It may help you to take a look at past projects that have been successful in obtaining grant from us. A list of grants we have awarded over the last two years are available to view here.

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Grant amounts

We expect applicants to demonstrate they are seeking funding from other sources. We will not be sole funders of any project and applicants should not expect 100% of funding unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Grant sums of £500 – £15,000 are available with our average grant currently standing at £3,000. Larger grants can be awarded if the project is felt to be particularly innovative and imaginative and have a strong artistic or scientific content.

Please note we have recently taken a decision not to accept any applications for large scale capital projects for the time being. When this position changes an announcement will be made on this page.

What we cannot fund

The Foundation will not provide salaries (except residencies) nor take on long-term revenue funding and, because funds are limited, the Foundation cannot support the following:

  • Individuals (for whatever reason)
  • Courses of study
  • Expeditions or travel abroad for whatever other reason
  • General appeals
  • Nor, in general, youth and community associations

Even if your application has met our funding criteria, a successful outcome can never be guaranteed simply because we receive more applications than our limited funds can accommodate. If your application has not been successful you can re-apply for funding for another project but we do like to leave 12 months between applications, successful or otherwise.

Next meeting

The Advisory Council will next meet to consider applications on Wednesday, 13th May 2020. The deadline for the return of the full application pack is Wednesday, 15th April 2020.

If you would like to apply please use our initial enquiry form below. If you are invited to proceed with a full application an application pack will be emailed to you. You will be expected to provide 11 hard copies of your application, together with an electronic copy of everything you send us.

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For further information on any aspect of our application process please contact our administrator:

Irene Langford
The Granada Foundation
PO Box 3430

Tel: 01244 661867
Mob: 07876 744 235
Email: enquiries@granadafoundation.org