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Prospective applicants are advised, in the first instance, to provide a brief outline of the project for which funding is sought by completing a short enquiry form. Please note only projects taking place in the North West of England will be considered.
If an application falls outside the Foundation’s scope, a reply to that effect will be sent. If the application is to proceed then an application pack will be sent in time for consideration at the next available meeting. Applicants will be advised of the outcome very shortly after Advisory Council has met, usually within five working days.
The date of our next meeting has now been set.  The Advisory Council will next meet to consider applications on Tuesday, 17th April 2018. If you would like to apply please complete the enquiry form in the first instance and email it to enquiriesATgranadafoundation.org (replacing the AT with @).    If your project meets our funding criteria then a full application pack will be emailed to you which needs to be returned not later than Thursday, 29th March 2018.

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